2016 Favorites


Short and sweet post today guys. Just needed some pretty images on my feed today. Since I did my catch up post late why not do my favorites of 2016 post late too. I had such a wonderful time being part of so many weddings and sessions last year. Here are a few of my favorite images. It was so hard not to post hundreds y’all. Can’t wait to see what favorites 2017 brings.



Unplugged Ceremonies

Unplugged ceremonies are one of the best things you can do on your wedding day in my opinion. You may be asking what is an unplugged ceremony? It is essentially exactly what it says “unplugged”. No phones, no cameras, no video recordings. Just turn them off y’all. Its super beneficial for the bride and groom because now your guests get to be fully focused on whats happening and there is no chance of an unexpected interruption of a Baby Got Back ringtone going off in the middle of a prayer.

Not only is it beneficial for the bride and groom its also helpful for your photographer. In certain venues sometimes we are restricted as to where we can shoot from. If uncle Albert stands up right in front of us to get the kiss shot with his iPhone he could block your photographer or end up with Albert’s shoulder in your first kiss shot or worse his iPhone. Trust and believe it happens. You’ve spent a lot of time and money making this day everything you want and on a photographer who will capture ALL of the moments from this day. Don’t forget to remind your guests that there will be plenty of time to take pictures and upload to their insta stories during the reception. Its also difficult during family portraits. We typically have an allotted amount of time for formal photos with the family and bride and groom. When everyone is trying to get a shot it takes up so much time y’all.

The best way I have seen this done is with a sign at the ceremony location as soon as they walk in to take their seats and by having the officiant make an announcement prior to the processional.

The focus of this whole day is the two of you and this marriage ceremony. This is where it starts y’all. Ceremonies are my favorite part of a wedding day. This is when emotions are running high, grooms get teary eyed, brides melt my heart with sweet personal vows about the time he first held the door for her, and when she knew he was it. You want your guests to be present in that moment. They are there to celebrate this marriage with you and enjoy every part of your big day.

Im telling you now you will be so GLAD you choose to have an unplugged ceremony.


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Wedding Day Tips

Happy Saturday!

After photographing many weddings over the last few years I pick up different things at each one that help me prepare better for the next. I’ve also picked up a few tips for brides as well that can make their day run super smooth and have amazing images.

  1. Have a wooden hanger or a pack of wooden hangers. These look SO much better in dress shots than the default hanger you get from the dress shop. Its so worth it for the bridesmaids dresses too. Doesn’t even have to say Bride or Mrs.Jones. Simple wooden hangers make for a much prettier shot.
  2. Bride should have all 3 rings with her. This especially important if bride and groom are getting ready in different location. We like to have all 3 rings for the ring shots and it saves us time if you have them all with you.
  3. Be sure to include enough time for family photos and bridal party photos in your timeline. (I will talk about the timeline on another post next week.) Two to three minutes per grouping is ideal.
  4. Remember to have a quiet moment. During the hustle and bustle(literally) during the pre ceremony time be sure to take a moment for yourself. Let your bridesmaids handle getting all the stuff together and cleaning up. Take a moment to breathe. This is usually when we get the best candid bridal shots as well.
  5. ENJOY YOUR DAY! Its a few hours in your lifetime and goes by quicker than you will think so be sure to enjoy it.


A fresh start…

Bad news yall… I lost my blog. 😦

Lesson learned about trying to do my own website. I should just stick to photography. I am so sad I lost my posts, however this does give me the chance to start fresh for 2017. If you are a new fan HELLO! Welcome! If you’ve been here for a while thank you so much for continued support and following up with all things Sara.

Since its a fresh start I wanted to catch you all up. I completely missed the new years post, but I can do it now in February right?  Last year I set a goal for myself to shoot ten weddings and had the honor of being part of 15 love stories. I witnessed FIFTEEN marriages y’all. Fifteen beginnings on incredible journeys of love. I am waiting for you all to have babies I can snuggle jus’ sayin’. I am truly so blessed and grateful for every single one of you. I also photographed numerous family sessions that were absolutely breath taking and got more creative than I ever have.

On the personal side I also took a mentoring session with Amanda Hedgepeth. Shes incredible and I learned so much from her not just about photography, but about life in general and being a busy momma. I have been tuned it to the TurnItUp conference and putting alot of time into education to improve my business. My HEAD is full of new ideas you will be seeing this year. My sweet girl turned two 2 weeks ago and I cant believe how grown and independent she is now. My dogs are still driving us crazy and full of love. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with our babies the furry ones and the human one. Hayden turning two has been a bit of a challenge. No is currently her favorite word, discipline is laughed at, and some days she will only eat Alfredo noodles. Its challenging being a parent. We dont know it all. We also dont want unsolicited advice or tell ourselves our mom doesn’t get it its 2017 not 1992. Some of you may know that I started a private online support group with a few moms. In this group I have met some amazing women. Women who have inspired me, changed me, told me when I am wrong, given me support, and loved me for me. They have become my tribe. They have made me a better mother, better wife, and a better person. We recently got together for a girls weekend getaway and had an incredible weekend. The bond we have formed is incredible. Strangers from all different walks of life to besties. I went to the mountains with a bunch of moms I met on facebook haha. It only sounds weird when you say it out loud.

I will be updating the website in the next few months and this blog. Stay tuned for new updates and new blog posts. Feel free to cry in your starbucks like I am about my old blog.