Sarah and Ryan Engaged |First Landing State Park

Y’all!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this blog post. Sarah and Ryan knocked it out of the park. Theres nothing better for me as a photographer then to watch two people connect in front of my lens. Sarah and Ryan did that and so much more. They both just radiate happiness and you can tell how happy they make each other.

I am so glad they joined me at First Landing State Park and toughed through the heat and humidity. You’d never know it was like 96 degrees. I didn’t stop smiling the whole session even if we were dripping in sweat. When I came home to edit I had the biggest grin my jaw was hurting haha. Can’t wait for their big day!


One thought on “Sarah and Ryan Engaged |First Landing State Park

  1. Beautiful photos Sara of two amazing people! My eyes just well up in tears to see how happy these two make each other. I’m going to be a mess on their wedding day! Thanks for capturing this special time so wonderfully.


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