Carrie and Charles- Boxwood Inn Wedding

A wedding day is full of emotions. I know most brides and grooms experience just about every emotion on this day. Nervousness seems to be a big one. Getting married is a giant step in your relationship. You’ve made the choice to make this lifelong commitment to one person. One person who loves all of you and promises to continue loving all of you every day for the rest of their life. Thats BIG y’all. No wonder so many emotions happen on a wedding day.

Carrie and Charles were both nervous, but Carrie told me after once she saw Chuck and got that sneak kiss in everything melted away. All the nerves subsided once they laid eyes on each other. Thats a love we should all hope for. The love that calms us and makes us know everything is going to be okay.

Carrie and Chuck said their vows on the front porch of the gorgeous historic Boxwood Inn. They were surrounded by a few of their close friends and family for their intimate wedding.  The Boxwood Inn was the perfect place for their celebration. Quaint and full of antique charm and beautiful vintage touches all over. Ceremony was full of laughs and lots of love.

I’m sure these two will continue to love and laugh together for a very long time.

Congratulations Mr.& Mrs. Miller!

Venue: The Boxwood Inn

Photographer: Sara Tiffany Photography

Cake: Kadi Bakes

Dress: Blush Bridal

Flowers: I DO Weddings with Love 

DJ: Elliot Entertainment

Hair: Mia and Maxx

Makeup: Ulta Beauty



The Exit

Exit shots at a wedding can be my favorite thing or a very scary thing. I cant’t tell you how many times we’ve been singed at a sparkler exit. They are so pretty, but also dangerous if proper instructions are not given. Some venues don’t allow sparkler exits either. I am going to post some safety tips for sparkler exits and some alternative grand exit options for your wedding day.

My number one suggestion is to buy the proper sparklers. Not only will these burn longer they will also put off less smoke which makes for a much prettier exit photo. The cheap 4th of July sparklers just don’t do it. They even come in different colors. Best option is to go for the traditional gold color or white. Smokeless sparklers are even better.

Here’s a link for the smokeless ones.

Another big tip is for the guests to hold them up as high as they can. This prevents the Bride and Groom from going up in flames because of a sparkler being too low and them walking into it or my big hair from catching a spark.

This is important. The biggest safety concern for me is a massive fire or burns. NEVER light multiple sparklers at once. It is best to light them individually or with your neighbors sparkler. Lighting them all at once can cause a huge fireball explosion and severe burns.

Have fun, but be safe y’all!

Now that Ive scared you away from sparklers there aresome other exit options. Glow sticks are a new trend popping up all over. Again buying the right glow sticks is also important.  These can be hard to shoot at times due to low ambient light so the more they glow and the longer they are the better.


There are many there options as well like bubbles, biodegradable confetti, petals,  Light sabers, ribbons, balloons, party poppers, and even paper lanterns. Just be sure to check with your venue on these exits because not all are allowed.

Sara Tiffany Photography-1033Sara Tiffany Photography-869Cousiac-manor-wedding-burgundy-maroon-gold-neutrals-wedding-sara-tiffany-photography-barn-photo-10112017-07-05_0078Sara Tiffany Photography-875

Ashyle and Kenny- A Williamsburg Legacy Hall wedding

Theres nothing I love more than a hometown wedding. I met Ashyle way back when at Jamestown High School. I always thought she was such a kind a happy soul and that smile lights up a room. I didn’t meet Kenny til the wedding day and he is such a sweetheart and has so much love for Ashyle. You two definitely picked the right person.

It was a very hot a sweaty summer wedding, but they were all so patient with us. We even got to take a little ride down to Colonial Williamsburg for their portraits.  Then headed to the reception at Legacy Hall. The flowers and decor were spectaular. Fleurish and Bloom rocked it. Seriously y’all look at those bouquets! I die.

The party was a blast. Ashyle’s dad has moves y’all. Everyone had such a good time.

They ended the night with a glow stick exit. Such a beautiful day for two beautiful people inside and out! Congrats Ashyle and Kenny!

Dress: Davids Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses: Weddington Way

Photographer: Sara Tiffany Photography

Flowers and Decor: Fleurish and Bloom Jessica Samsing

Cake: Cakealicious Alice Cooke

DJ: Fat Cat Productions Amanda Pearl

Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Samsing

Venue: Legacy Hall

Caterer: Williamsburg Concessions and Caterering Co.

Videographer: Christian Walker Wedding Films