Zach and Natalie-A Backyard Intimate Wedding

As most of you know I have started offering the Intimate Wedding Collection. It warms my heart to be a part of these smaller intimate events. Its super family oriented and I really get to connect not only with my couples, but also their families so much more than I do on a full wedding day because I’m usually running around shooting all the things.

I met with Natalie and Zach only a few days before their wedding. I knew immediately they were my kind of couple. Cowboys fans first and foremost, and they were both so excited to get married, not to have a wedding, but to just be together forever. They are legit like two school kids in love. Zach is crazy about her and you can just tell by the way he talks about her. He could not keep his hands off of Natalie all day at the wedding. I LOVE affectionate couples. They make my job so much easier.

Natalie is someone I truly see being someone I will hold dear to my heart forever. She gets me. She’s laid back and is obsessed with her dog. She prefers no stress and does not like being the center of attention. Hence the small more intimate wedding. Zach totally takes that stress away from her. When she’s in his arms everything else melts away. They seriously connect like no other couple I’ve ever worked with.

It was such an honor to photograph their special day and to get to know their dog. HAHA. Hope y’all are having an amazing time living married life by the ocean. (SO JELLY)



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