An Intimate B&B Wedding- Cliff and Jessica

Virginia weather is so unpredictable. We get snow and wind and ninety degree days all in one week in the middle of March. Its insane. I am so glad I get blessed with couples though that just roll with the punches and unpredictable weather. Jessica and Cliff were married in March on one of those super windy cold days.

Jessica and Cliff met in 4th grade and actually dated way back when. Life took different paths for both of them but Cliff’s family always asked about Jess. Eventually their paths met again and instantly knew it was always each other. They are such amazing parents to their sweet baby boy Rhett and now they are officially husband and wife. I couldn’t be happier for them to build this life together. Congrats Jess and Cliff.


Venue: Wallace Manor

Hair and Makeup: Amanda Tunstall

Decor: Beth Hammill and Pam Meadows

Cake: Jesse Champage

Catering: Wendy Mclenaghan

Dress: Church Street Bridal


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