Katarina and Trey Mathews Wedding

Hey y’all! So Its been about a year since I last blogged. WOW. I am behind hah. For those of you who don’t know we had 19 weddings last year and in the middle of that I gave birth to my son Odin who is almost a year old now. Really really behind. Anyways I am finally catching up on all my blogs and cannot believe I didn’t blog this one last year.

Katarina and Trey were married on April 28th, 2018 at Kingston Plantation in Mathews, VA.

This amazing home on the water was full of spring florals and so much character. The big huge back porches and dark elaborate wood trim throughout was so beautiful. Katarina and Trey’s wedding party was quite lively. They kept us laughing all day.

The speeches moved us to tears, a private moment with Katarinas little brother touched our hearts, and the party never stopped.

So now that I’ve made y’all read all of that and wait over a year here are some of our favs from the day.



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